Jessica’s Broadway producing and teaching background have uniquely positioned her to offer Experiences for groups both remotely and in-person in the New York City area and throughout the country. She hosts “Business of Broadway” workshops and classes, moderates panels with actors, producers and creative team members, and designs show-specific curricula for attendees of all ages and for private groups. She creates absorbing, relevant, and thought-provoking Experiences that provide audiences with the opportunity to learn about the history and development of their favorite productions.

For more information or to book an Experience, contact Jessica here.

Jessica offers the following classes:

·       The Business of Broadway: When Will The Show Go On? Get insider industry insights into this unique business model and keep up to date on all the news related to the re-opening of Broadway

·       Leadership Lessons From A Broadway Producer: Students develop their entrepreneurial skills and learn how to be an authentic leader as a theater professional

·       The Making Of A Broadway Show: Engage in the development process- from the first rehearsal to opening night and beyond

·       The Bright Lights of Broadway: Are you attending a Broadway show? Meet with Jessica before or after the show and learn all about the development and history of the production. You’ll get some insider industry insights as well! 

·       For The Love of Art- Non Profit Theater: Explore the differences between commercial and nonprofit theater and the business career tracks unique to nonprofit theater

·       Behind The Scenes- Backstage and Off- Stage Careers in the Theater: Learn about the many backstage and off- stage careers that are integral to creating live theater

·       Entrepreneurship In The Arts: New opportunities to create meaningful and exciting careers in the arts are evolving every day…  You will learn how podcasts and innovative streaming and producing platforms are changing the way theater is being consumed by audiences all over the world

·       The Golden Age of Musicals: Discover the classics that set the stage for today’s hits

Here is what people are saying about Jessica’s Programs:

“Jessica offers absorbing, relevant and thought-provoking classes that provide audiences with the opportunity to learn about the history and development of their favorite productions. Jessica’s programs engage audiences in a way that further enhance and deepen their connection to the shows. I highly recommend Jessica’s class for anyone who wants to have a more meaningful experience in the theatre!”

“What a wonderful program this afternoon. Jessica, you are a delight to experience. You brought us some of the drama of the theater and the stage with your personal flare and excitement. Your topic was absolutely fascinating to all in our group and I enjoyed the way you masterfully engaged the audience. Everyone in the room enjoyed the program and can’t wait to have you come back to us with another presentation.”

“THANK YOU! What an excellent job you did. The evaluations of your talk and participation are coming back so incredibly positive. Thank you for being a part of the experience and adding so much to the success of that day. The attendees loved it.”

“I attended The Show Must Go On: Leadership Best Practices from a Broadway Producer. It was very refreshing to listen to Jessica Genick speak on how to become an authentic leader. She was a very engaging and inspiring speaker who provided a very fresh perspective coming from her unique career. A few topics that really stuck with me and evoked reflection were what it means to be authentic, becoming more self- aware, and seeking feedback. I thought these were all very relevant, and helpful topics that helped me step a little deeper into becoming a thoughtful leader.”